Trademark design
I want to keep it fresh and light. Caking me confront with cosmetics has actually never been my thing.

Present obsession
The Body Shop`s Oils of Life facial oil is my absolute favorite these days. It has this unbelievable ability to leave the skin soft without being greasy or sticky, offering me the glow that I strive for.

Reel motivation
I love both my looks from the film Roy. The one with short hair is extremely sophisticated, while the one with long hair is more carefree.

Morning repair
My face wash is the main thing I definitely can refrain from doing without. I am very certain about cleaning the skin with care.

Fond memories
I enjoy the aquatic scents of the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask by The Body Shop as it reminds me of the Sri Lankan beaches.

Nostalgic trip
English Rose talcum powder by Yardley London takes me down the memory lane and straight to my granny`s dressing table.

De-stress moment
A peaceful body massage gives me an instantaneous high.

Guilty enjoyment
Treating my feet relaxes me immediately. I constantly bring the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi kit in my travelling bag.

On-the-go essential
My lip balm is with me irrespective of where I am heading. I enjoy utilizing coconut lip butter.

Diet plan diary
My diet plan consists of macrobiotic meals for breakfast, lunch and supper and as much natural foods as I can manage. I try to stay away from sugar, and fried and processed foods however do give up when I seem like it. It`s all good as long as you understand that consuming healthy is the better method to go!

Dresser must-haves
A good moisturizer for consistent hydration, eye cream to combat dark circles, sun block to prevent skin damage, and blusher for rosy cheeks.

Stunning hair trick
To liven up a bad hair day I tie my hairs into a messy bun.

Preferred shopping location
London. Has actually been and will constantly be.

Beauty myth
That wearing cosmetics every day is bad for your skin. If you use a good cosmetics cleaner, it`s completely fine to use it daily.