Donald Trump Discuss Women`s Skin, the Method the Leader of the Free World Typically Does

Donald Trump can discover something to hate about basically everybody. The GOP frontrunner has happily proclaimed one awful, misogynist thing after another about women, immigrants, immigrants, everybody, however he's pretty much left Hollywood alone. Until now. Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski handled to dig up Trump's unasked-for viewpoints on the looks of some of the most stunning women on the planet, which he assembled into one YouTube video.

Trump's not discussing their beauty in general, however their skin, which is amusing considering exactly what his own skin resembles. Here are Trump's reviews, transcribed:

Jennifer Lawrence: "Jennifer has a little skin issue I would state. A little rough with the skin, I would say. Little polka dots all over the face.".

Eva Longoria: "She`s truly bouncy, she s truly adorable. She`s about 5-foot-1. Do you like women that are 5-foot-1? They come up to you know where. She`s really nice. She`s got stunning skin.".

Princess Diana: "She had the height, she had the beauty, and she had the skin. She was insane, but these are small information.".

Angelina Jolie: "She`s got bad skin. She`s got scars all over the skin. I put on to know exactly what is, I never believed she was good-looking, I don`t think she`s got good skin, I wear t think she has a fantastic face.

Just pondering Donald Trump's strident thoughts on women's skincare made us question how his wife Melania's skin care company is going.

It's called Melania Beauty (as included on The Apprentice) and the website shows 5 products cleansing balm, moisturizer, exfoliating peel, and night cream all supposedly made with eggs, an extremely on brand name component for the Trump dynasty.

There are connect to go shopping the items at Lord & Taylor, however the links are a dead-end. Racked examined in with Lord & Taylor about the status of Melania's line, and they state they're checking out it.

The Daily Beast reported in October of last year that the $150 moisturizer was on sale at Lord & Taylor for half off. On the other hand, Melania's beauty line was involved in a $50 million lawsuit, in which Melania claimed that her backers didn't hold up their end of the deal to mass disperse or market the skin care line which triggered the products to miss her launch date.

"Ms. Trump`s skin care line had been arranged to release in 2013, however was derailed due to no fault of Ms. Trump following a dispute in between the company s partners," Trump representative Alan Garten informed The Daily Beast. "The conflict ended up in litigation and less than a year later a federal judge ruled in Ms. Trump s favor.".

Racked connected to Trump's press team about the present status of Melania Beauty and will update with further info.

Update: A Lord & Taylor rep informs Racked that the department store hasn`t done business with the Melania Beauty brand for more than two years.